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Call us when your need heat pump service or maintenance. Though heat pumps have fewer parts that can fail than many other systems, there is always the risk that something can go wrong. Should your heat pump ever malfunction, call New England Heat Pumps for fast and reliable repairs.

We have years of experience working with heat pumps in the greater Bangor area and Central and Coastal Maine to identify and remedy what is troubling your heat pump quickly. Don't go without comfort longer than you have to! Call today and request heat pump service in Bangor, Brewer and beyond.

Basics of Heat Pump Service
& Maintenance

A good general rule for heat pump maintenance is to take care of problems as quickly as possible. Leaving an issue untreated for an extended period can lead to much higher repair costs. It's especially true for compressor problems, as these issues can get expensive very quickly.

Heat pump maintenance is more complicated than maintaining an air conditioner and is best left to professionals. However, this doesn't mean that you can't perform basic preventative maintenance yourself. In fact, professionals advise that you do this regularly. The most important thing you can do is clean the filters regularly to avoid getting clogged with dirt.

Ensure Maximum Efficiency

The best way to prevent breakdowns and maintain efficiency is to have an expert inspect and clean your heat pump regularly. Having New England Heat Pumps clean your system once a year helps you keep it running smoothly year-round. We also have service plans available to help you keep up with maintenance. Call today for more information.